Free Transgender Dating Sites: Too Good to be True?

On the surface it seems that there are so many trans dating sites that people should have no problem finding one that meets their needs. So I spent the week sifting through all the ‘best trans dating’ lists, only to discover yet again, that things aren’t always what they seem.

Good and bad news for finding trans dates

The good news is that there are indeed some legitimate dating sites out there for trans people and their admirers.

The bad news? There are a lot of false claims being made, and a lot of sites that fail to deliver a truly inclusive space, despite the efforts of their s. Many others simply don’t have the numbers to make it work, despite good intentions.

Free transgender dating sites? The lists are a lie

In my research I found many lists touting the ‘Best Free Transgender Dating Sites’, as I mentioned above. Sadly, these lists are totally bogus! I have to say, I knew they were too good to be true right away because many claim there are 10 or more such free sites. Thing is, I have been reviewing and writing about niche dating sites for nearly two decades so I knew right away that such claims were highly unlikely.

I checked out all of the dating sites, joining some of them in my attempt to find ‘the real thing’. Others I didn’t bother joining because they weren’t even free in the first place.

Suggested sites often include Match and Zoosk, saying they accept all genders. Well, the join forms only include 2 genders A transwoman can of course join as a woman (because she is), but I think she will run into some problems with members who don’t read the find print on her profile. I also couldn’t find a straight answer when I searched to find out the policies regarding transgender members on these sites. So much confusion, so few answers. If you, dear reader, know anything about these sites and their stance then do tell in the comments.

Also on the best-of lists? Dating sites that do offer the trans designation for profiles, but they aren’t actually free. AdultFriendFinder is one of these such sites. I actually think Adult Friend Finder is one of the better sites for trans people and admirers, but the free membership does little more than allow you to see photos of other members. Forget trying to actually contact anyone. TSdating is another one of the sites suggested to people looking for a free trans site. Yes, a free profile is on offer, but try to actually make a date without an upgrade. Not gonna happen.

Well, aside from the free sites that aren’t really free, the rest of what I found was just too pathetic to mention. Transgender sites that appear to be legitimate and have the trans specific profiles, but upon closer inspection had some serious issues. Mainly, not enough members, and shady tactics to squeeze out profit.

Honestly, when a dating site is free they still have to make money somehow! Ideally it’s going to be done by serving ads, but in many cases sites will aggressively send you offers by email, or try to push you into any number of upgrades or micro-payment options.

So are any transgender dating sites actually free?

Yes, there are legit free dating sites that accept trans members. However, these are just general population sites that don’t actually cater to this community specifically, which isn’t necessarily a huge problem. (It’s starting to look like one has to take what they can get. But I guess this how it goes when trying to get something for nothing..)