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defend (dif Stop) vt. step 1. to protect regarding assault; keep from spoil otherwise chances; dos. to help with, take care of, otherwise justify; step 3. (law) so you’re able to contradict (an action); to ask (one’s instance) • Although the doorway was unlocked, a good German shepherd about family room might be sufficient to guard a home from thieves. • I really don’t have to safeguard my make in this situation. • The corporation got multiple lawyer to guard it facing accountability strategies. [-ed, -ing, defense letter., adj.]

deferment (di FOER perfect) letter. a beneficial postponement; a working off to an afterwards big date • In the crappy days of the past of one’s write, children www.datingranking.net/local-hookup/orlando managed to rating deferments up to once graduation. • Deferment off jury obligation is oftentimes available from the mothers regarding kindergarten people. [(to) put-off vt.]

defiant (di FY int) adj. packed with frustrated opposition; openly and boldly resisting (regardless of opposition) • The newest men safeguarding the new Alamo was in fact defiant when confronted with Santa Ana’s extremely advanced numbers. • Rosa Areas sparked civil rights good sense when you are defiant of one’s “Blacks experience on the back” summit throughout the day. [-ly adv., defiance n.]

shortage (DEF i stand) n. how much money below the mandatory number; which have even more debts than just possessions, loss than just winnings, otherwise costs than just money • The latest You. • Those who work in new highest-technology field of stock-exchange knowledgeable an extreme shortage within the opening of your own twenty-basic century. explain (di FYN) vt. step one. to state or formulate the brand new limitations away from; to delineate; dos. to determine or county the sort otherwise the total amount out-of; step three. to differentiate; cuatro. to express the meaning or meanings off a phrase (including we have been creating here) • One or two needs to establish exactly what will be likely of each and every just before rushing blindly into a marriage. • Mr. • Never explain a term that with that word regarding meaning. [-d, defining, definition n.]

deleterious (DEL it ir ee uhss) adj. damaging to fitness or well-being; injurious; harmful • Smoking cigarettes is deleterious in order to everyone’s fitness, not only the fresh smoker’s. • A keen infestation regarding locusts can have a deleterious influence on a good farmer’s harvest. [-ly adv., -ness letter.] [Syn. pernicious]

demagogue (DEM uh GOG) letter. one who tries to rouse the individuals by attractive to feelings, prejudice, an such like. to victory her or him more than and you can getting (political) fuel • Hitler was the absolute most well known demagogue of your own twentieth-century. • Stalin was a bad dictator, but he doesn’t be considered as the a beneficial demagogue once the he gained power by brute force by yourself. [demagogy, -ry letter.]

demeanor (di MEEN oer) letter. external styles; carriage; how that acts • Princess Diana got a regal demeanor and you can a soft one. • Ranging from a great Rottweiler and good Doberman pinscher, the new Rottie comes with the meaner attitude. [Uk. sp. demeanour] [Syn. bearing]

Brief Comment #twenty-four Fulfill the keyword out-of column dos into word out-of column 1 which means really almost the same

democracy (di MAHK ri select) n. step 1. regulators from the individuals, towards the society carrying new reins out-of electricity, possibly personally otherwise due to opted for agents; electricity in the hands of one’s governed; 2. a country, county, etc. with that type of bodies; 3. majority laws; 4. the main out of equivalent rights and solutions for everybody, and equivalent medication by the courtroom program; the practice of this type of beliefs • Athens had the first test from inside the democracy we understand out-of. • American democracy wasn’t viewed be sure to because of the crowned heads out-of eighteenth- and nineteenth-millennium European countries. • India is the world’s largest democracy with respect to society. • Schoolchildren learn the standards from democracy by voting to own group officials (who have virtually no energy). • The You.S. Constitution is the number one court file you to ensures the guidelines out-of democracy getting then followed. demonstrated (DEM uhn STRAYT) vt. 1. to prove; reveal from the reason; 2. and also make clear or establish as a result of advice, tests, etc.; step 3. showing just how a product or service functions or what it preferences such as for example in order to sell; cuatro. to exhibit attitude plainly • Descartes are the first philosopher to exhibit his lifetime by the dictum, “I do believe, so i are.” • The new operation of your steam-engine is sometimes shown into the groups having fun with an excellent cutaway performing design. • You’ll find tend to somebody demonstrating specific foods at warehouse bar by providing 100 % free samples within the brief glasses. • Tears on her behalf cheek presented Patricia’s sadness. [-d, demonstrating]