Style of stigma knowledgeable by patients with mental illness and you can mental wellness nurses in the Indonesia: a beneficial qualitative content data

Stigma is the discrediting, devaluing, and you can shaming regarding a man due to functions or properties one to it possess. Fundamentally, stigma results in negative personal event such as for instance separation, getting rejected, marginalization, and you may discrimination. If associated with a health problem such as for instance mental illness, stigma may affect somebody’s issues and you can treatment course, along with the means to access compatible and health-related treatment. Stigma has also been stated to help you connect with patients’ parents or family members, including experts who work with mental health care settings. Stigma was firmly dependent on cultural and you may contextual worth possibilities that differ over time and you will all over contexts. Although not, minimal data is available on how form of stigma was knowledgeable of the people that have mental illness and you can psychological state nurses for the Indonesia.


I browsed this new stigma-related feel off 15 nurses and you can fifteen people during the Indonesia. The research structure and you can studies out-of interview data have been led because of the deductive (directed) blogs data.


Five layouts came up. Four themes was indeed patient-related: personal/patients’ stigma, public/personal stigma, friends stigma, and you will work stigma. The brand new 5th theme connected with stigma into healthcare experts dealing with clients having intellectual illnesses, and therefore we classified since the elite stigma.


This study has actually attained a-deep understanding of the thought of stigma from the Indonesian framework. Which skills is a prerequisite to possess development suitable treatments one target so it trend and and thus towards development of mental health qualities when you look at the Indonesia. This research may also be transferable abroad you to display equivalent social backgrounds and you may adhere to old-fashioned and you can spiritual value options.


Stigma was first explained because of the Erving Goffman inside the 1963. He identified stigma as the people feature otherwise characteristic wherein a good individual is devalued, tainted, otherwise experienced shameful otherwise discredited. Next work with this particular area is actually determined by work off Goffman, and the notion of stigma might have been explored in many contexts and countries. Stigma try firmly determined by cultural and you will contextual well worth options you to definitely differ over time and around the contexts. not, really authors trust Goffman’s very first definition, and this understood part of the components of stigma particularly labeling, stereotyping, personal isolation, bias, getting rejected, ignorance, condition loss, reduced mind-respect, reduced care about-effectiveness, marginalization, and you may discrimination [1,dos,3].

Mental health stigma is described as the disgrace, personal disapproval, otherwise societal discrediting of men and women that have a psychological state state [cuatro, 5]. Literary works identifies multiple dimensions otherwise brand of psychological state-related stigma, and notice-stigma, public stigma, elite stigma, and you may organization stigma. Self-stigma refers to negative thinking of an individual to help you his/her very own mental illness and it is known as internalized stigma [step 1, 6]. Self-stigma has been connected with bad effects, like failure to get into cures, disempowerment, reduced worry about-efficacy, and you can reduced lifestyle [eight, 8]. Public stigma identifies negative thinking into people with mental illness of the stored because of the community [step one, 6], usually based on misunderstandings, anxiety, and you can bias. Regarding public stigma is actually imagined stigma which is defined as person’s viewpoints concerning the attitudes out of anybody else towards the mental disease. Studies have demonstrated the main feeling of societal stigma such as for example discrimination during the workplaces and public businesses . Elite group stigma occurs when health care experts keep stigmatizing attitudes to your their patients, which is often considering worry otherwise frustration of your grounds and you will the signs of mental disease, otherwise when advantages by themselves sense stigma on personal or other healthcare experts due to their works and you will connection with stigmatized anybody . Elite group stigma was off types of matter as it can impact the worry and you will medication anyone with mental disease obtains , plus treatment for physical afflictions , and therefore impacting the really-are and you will recuperation. Ultimately, institutional stigma makes reference to a corporation’s policies or culture out of bad attitudes and you may values to the stigmatized some body press this link here now, such as those having mental health dilemmas [step 1, 6,eight,8,nine,ten,11,12,thirteen,14]. Eg stigma can be strengthened from the legal buildings, public policy, and you may top-notch methods, and so is profoundly embedded when you look at the area .