The key Enneagram of Gurdjieff as well as link to Common Vortex Mathematics

When you look at the geometry, a keen enneagram is an excellent 9-directed jet shape.

has become the icon from Gurdjieff, just as the Goodness additionally the get across but Gurdjieff produced zero reference to they within his trilogy:”All and you may Everything” (“Beelzebub’s Reports so you’re able to Their Grandson”, “Group meetings which have Better Males”, together with shell of your Third Series)!

The Enneagram appear in the first place away from P. D. Ouspensky’s “Looking the new Miracle”, Chapter fourteen where Gurdjieff gave a great lecture indicating that it symbol. This is till the beginning of Institute into the Unified Growth of Kid inside the Fontainebleau additionally the creating off Beelzebub’s Stories. Since then it’s been expanded abreast of by huge numbers of people since a tool of spiritual advancement. A massive world changed on the study of their intersecting traces, particularly in the fresh mapping of 9 identification types (randomly chosen) in addition to their interactions. Of several are particularly rich giving demonstrations, drawing diagrams, and you can becoming practitioners on these knowledge which have become synonymous on the enneagram, known as Enneagram_of_Identity because of the Wikipedia, that was raised away from Gurdjieff by the Oscar Ichazo and you may Helen Palmer. The brand new Last Means Enneagram for the Wikipedia takes on next fiddle to it today. It is the Ouspensky and you will John Grams. Bennett supporters whom make use of this identity, however it can be truthfully known as Gurdjieff Enneagram. The brand new very-entitled ‘scientific’ training of your “4th Way Enneagram” that attempt to expect incidents by using the half a dozen vectors away from the latest continual parece away from possibility.

Astrology already possess a dozen sizes, however they are of substance, while these types of nine designs throughout the Enneagram_of_Character seek to map the new identification. This new identification is the latest artificial construction we perform so you’re able to secure the substance throughout the community. Fundamentally, this study out-of characters was a complete waste of amount of time in the building away from a heart, that is built up on substance. It’s possible this training would be helpful in the newest manipulation of others who don’t have a clue which they provides a substance, but obviously caters to zero purpose to an individual’s spiritual increases.

The key Enneagram from Gurdjieff and its particular relationship to Universal Vortex Math

When i read this excerpt, I believed to me personally, so it have to be an error plus it are going to be “Sevenfoldness” such as the brand new “Legislation away from Heptaparaparshinokh”, particularly in the brand new perspective of seven notes from the octave. Whether it are supposed to be the one and only source on nine circumstances of Enneagram, it’s uncommon, just like the book figure most include eight contours that in person get in touch with the repeating quantitative as being the section from the eight. Another a few items are from the inner triangle which is will omitted.

It is probably be that mentioned ‘Law out of Ninefoldness’ pertains to help you some thing harder compared to Enneagram and was not understood because of the Gurdjieff in the course of his composing. So it “Laws away from Ninefoldness” probably is the has just discover (or should We say remembered) Vortex Mathematics that will be presented inside lecture. In Vortex Math the number 9 provides a different matchmaking, including, one of the services out-of nine would be the fact in case it is put into a variety, it offers that same legs number:

  • 1+9=ten and that decreases to 1+0 which means(==) 1
  • 8+9=17=1+7=8
  • a dozen,345 (1+2+3+4+5=15=6==a dozen,345+9=a dozen,354 that’s step 1+2+3+5+4=15=six
  • ..

You should keep in mind that the procedure of “reduction”, given that used through the this presentation, is to add the digits higher than nine together showing the substance given that step one-nine. This really is a common habit into the Numerology.

The number is additionally printed in brand new cosmos: diameter of one’s environment: 7920 miles (7+9+2+0 = 18 = 9), sq ft = 144 in, cubic legs 1728 in, rectangular yard=1296 in, (multiply by the ten is actually 12960 and 12960 age (1 / 2 of the precession of the equinoxes 25,920 many years), network 360 stages, rectangular ninety stages x 4 = 360 values, equilateral triangle sixty levels x 3 =180 degrees, pentagon= 108 x 5= 540 amounts (silver atomic pounds 108), pyramid truncation 4 x 180 level = 720 stages, cube six x 360 = 2160 degrees